Editorial At Scarborough Bluffs

I wanted to share with you all an editorial I did with Toronto singer Leila Dey back in November. I couldn’t have done it alone, and I am truly honoured to have worked with such an amazing team! 

I chose Scarborough Bluffs as the main location because of the architecture of the cliffs. I absolutely loved the rigidness and multiple dimensions the cliffs offered. The water cascading onto the shores was musical; every ripple resembled a note sung by the water. Everything about that location was simply breathtaking. Leila was a joy to work with; she was a tough cookie throughout the entire shoot. It hadn’t snowed yet, but the gusting winds and -9 temperature (feeling like -20) was not easy for us. We knew we had a job to do and gave it our all.

I am so proud of what we accomplished.

Creative Director/Stylist: Jodianne Beckford & Jalen Nelson (LickMyFashion)

Makeup/Hair: Alysha, Lady Gentle

Assistant: Tasha

Model: Leila Dey

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