Just create.

Video has been a long time passion of mine. Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by movies, actors, and stories. I would be lost in another world watching these actors bring a new world to life. I never thought of myself as a creative person or even fathomed that I would create videos or even be seen as a creative. Photography was really my first attempt at stepping into that world. As a kid taking photos was just a hobby and something that made me happy, and trickling on into high school it became a bigger passion. Fast forward into early adulthood I found photography again and have been in this never ending creative spiral of joy and release. The release of my past pains, and creating something positive that brings joy to others, that is what being a creative is for me. Now, getting into video is very scary and new to me because since it has been a long time passion, I've been so scared to fail at it. The love I have for movies, directing, and story telling is so real. I've decided to stop all the noise in my head and just do it, have faith in God and remember that he is the one that gave me this gift, so why waste it? Just do it, and do it with all my heart. In saying all this, I have created a short creative video with one of my good friends Courtney that I would like to share with you all. 

Thanks for listening, Jo :).