The "Perfect" Headshot!

Hey friends! Today I completed my third headshot session, and it was amazing :). I've watched so many tutorials, and looked through countless magazines and photos in search for the "perfect" way to capture a headshot. And from what I have discovered, there really is no such thing! It really just boils down to the chemistry between you and your subject. Of course there are a few technical aspects you need to know, i.e. composition and so on, but overall if you don't connect with who your shooting, your photos will always turn out blah! I for one try my absolute best to communicate with who I'm shooting throughout the entire session, it just makes the experience more enjoyable and relaxed for the client and yourself. I am continually learning and growing, and I couldn't be more happy and thankful for how far i've come. Don't ever give up, or let someone belittle your craft.

Photography is a very competitive field, especially with the whole Instagram "photographers" slowly trying to take over lol. But just remember, as long as you study, and always practice, practice, practice! You'll be just fine. No matter how good someone seems to be, you are you, and no one can be that, so be the best you, you can be and you will succeed :)

Always remember, "With true passion, comes success"

Until next time,

Jo Xx