Minimalist Fall Style

Fall is one of my favourite seasons, I can wear as many layers as I want without looking too crazy lol. Everyone that knows me will tell you that my leather jacket is my staple all year round! The best thing about pairing a leather jacket to your outfit is that it literally goes with everything. Here I have paired it with a comfy pair of chic sweatpants, a white tee, black flats, and your everyday black bag to complete the look. I like to be comfortable wherever I go, but still keeping in mind to keep it clean and simple.

Jacket:  65 CAD     BLACKFIVE.COM   Sweat pants:  40 CAD     VILA.COM   White shirt:  280 CAD     NET-A-PORTER  .COM   Purse:  240 CAD     YOOX.COM   Shoes:  985 CAD     RUPERTSANDERSON  .COM


Sweat pants: 40 CAD VILA.COM

White shirt: 280 CAD NET-A-PORTER.COM

Purse: 240 CAD YOOX.COM


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