By now I know you must be wondering, what is "#The"E"Project"? Well I'm still figuring that out myself, but for now this is the best way I can describe what it is and what I hope it to be. First off the "E" stands for "Entrepreneur". My original vision for this was to showcase artistic creatives of my generation and focus on city by city. Meaning I was going to focus on Ottawa, which is where I was living at the time, and showcase the cities creative & artistic side,  which is what a lot of people don't know about Ottawa. Then life happened (In a positive way of course) and I moved back to Toronto. Wow that was a mouthful lol. Anyways, since being back I have decided to broaden the project and focus more on entrepreneurs as a whole. My ultimate goal is to encourage and uplift others that are thinking of pursuing their own path, and to show them that their not alone, and to also show them that if they work hard, stay motivated, be consistent, they too can be successful and have their passions come to life. This is my shameless project, and I'm happy to share this journey with you all.


Jo Xx