Hey beautiful people! I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather we are having "knock on wood", just because Canadian weather likes to toy with our emotions lol.

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Street Style With Jo #SSWJ

Hey guys! It's been way too long since I've posted smh :(. Things have been crazy busy, but I'm back better than ever ;). I really want to keep you all updated with my current photos, so I have decided to start a new segment called "Street Style With Jo" #SSWJ. I will be going downtown Toronto once or twice a week, and capturing the city's street style.

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The Way She Wears It // Neon, Black, & Denim

Anyone that knows me will tell you that black & white are my go to and all time favourite colours. Not without saying that I don't love colour, but for me it's about adding colour as an accent, which gives that extra pop to your outfit. It shouldn't take over your main colour, and for me that is black/white and or neutrals in general. I chose neon as my pop of colour, and I feel that the way I incorporated it was just right for me.

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